Nik Shevchenko

Thiel fellow, built 2 companies => 3rd will be bigger
I'm looking for tech cofounder


Life story
-Born in the middle of nowhere on an island in the Pacific Ocean
-Started to mine crypto at 14 and sold 40 GPUs to my teacher at 16
-Started first company at 16 and sold it by 18
-at 19 joined 500 startups and started 2nd company which I sold to
- at 23 became Thiel Fellow
What are some ideas you're interested in pursuing?
I like VR, robotics and longevity but open to anything else.
- Let's make sure everyone lives in Metaverse by 2026
- Let's make sure that robots are in every apartment by 2028
- Let's make sure that humans live 200 years on average
Who do you like work with?
My top-3 values are:
- Hustle
- Always be learning
- Be passionate